Tweezers Stainless Steel 0.1mm Fine Tip


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Crafting requires a steady hand and attention to detail, and our stainless steel tweezers can help you achieve both. Made from high-quality materials, our tweezers are rust-resistant and durable, ensuring they will last through countless crafting projects.

Our tweezers are versatile and can be used for a variety of crafting techniques, such as wire wrapping, beading, and model building. The precision tips allow you to grasp even the smallest items with ease, making it easier to manipulate and assemble intricate designs.

One of the best features of our tweezers is their ergonomic design. The comfortable grip ensures that your hand won’t cramp or tire, even after hours of crafting. This allows you to focus on your project without distraction or discomfort.

Crafting is a passion that requires attention to detail and patience. With our stainless steel tweezers, you can take your crafting to the next level. Whether you’re a professional jewelry maker or a hobbyist, our tweezers are an essential tool for any crafting enthusiast.

Product information:

Material: 202 stainless steel
Product features: pointed, fine, hard, long

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Additional information

Weight 0,02 kg
Dimensions 160 × 110 × 110 cm

18Fly line tweezers bend, 19Fly line tweezers bend, Q3 Fly line tweezers straight, Q5 Fly Line Tweezers Bend


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