Simple Ceramic Candle Tray Candle Holder Candle Utensils


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Product information:

Material; white porcelain

Craftsmanship; handmade

Category; Candle Jars

Material type; Porcelain

Surface finish; matte

Ornament pattern; none

Hanging form; ornament

Production method; handmade

Style; modern simplicity

Shape; abstract

Size; 17.5*17.5*6cm YBH2018, 17.5*17.5*6cm YBH2019, 17.5*17.5*6cm YBH2020

Gift-giving purposes; business gifts, welfare gifts, public relations gifts

Packing list:

Candle vessel*1

Additional information

Weight 0,54 kg
Dimensions 225 × 225 × 110 cm

17.517.56cm, 17.517.56cm YBH2018, 17.517.56cm YBH2019


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