One-word Wooden Core Wood Wax Candlewick Candle

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Product information:

Color: thickness single piece 0.5mm {1 with base}, thickness single Piece 1mm {1 with base}, double piece (not fixed) {1 with base}

Material: log

Size: 6mm * 60mm [with clipped button], 8mm * 90mm [with clipped button], 9mm * 50mm [with clipped button], 10mm * 50mm [with clipped button]], 12.5mm * 150mm [with clipped button], 13mm * 60mm [with clipped button], 13mm * 130mm [with clipped button], 15mm * 130mm [with clipped button]], 15mm * 150mm [with clipped button], 19mm * 130mm [with clipped button], separate base

Craft: Handmade

Shape: cylindrical

Packing list:

Candle wick*1+base*1  

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Additional information

Weight 1,00 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 70 cm



100pcs Thickness single 0.5mm, 50pcs Thickness single 0.5mm, Thickness Single Piece 1mm, Thickness single 0.5mm


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