Goddess Bust Candle Mold Mythology Women Head Candle Making Supply


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The Goddess Bust Candle Mold is a unique and intricate mold that will bring an aura of mysticism to your candle-making project. This mold features a beautifully sculpted bust of a Greek mythological goddess, adding an elegant touch to your candle-making supplies. The mold is made of high-quality, durable silicone material that is easy to use and clean. You can create scented or unscented candles using this mold and use them as a decoration or for personal use. This Goddess Bust Candle Mold is perfect for any candle-making enthusiast who wants to bring a touch of mythology and elegance to their candle-making projects.

Material: soft silicone mold
Weight: The mold weighs about 520 grams, the finished candle weighs about 300 grams


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Additional information

Weight 0,52 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 120 cm

Candle mould


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