Diamond Painting Kit Set with Accessories – Tweezers, Storage Box, and More


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The Diamond Painting Kit Set is perfect for both beginner and advanced diamond painters who are looking for a comprehensive set of tools. The kit includes a variety of items, such as a straight handle roller, blue pen holder, 28-grid color storage box, pink point drill pen with 9 heads, a B5 red packing bag, and more.

To keep your diamond painting projects organized, the kit includes a green point drill disc, film, and green opening plate in small size. The set also comes with 6mm*8mm Ziplock bags, black plastic tweezers, canvas clip, and stainless steel tweezers for added convenience.

The Diamond Painting Kit Set also comes with 2mm*2mm glue, white spoon, and clip pen point drill disc in blue to make your diamond painting experience more enjoyable. With this kit, you can unleash your creativity and create beautiful diamond painting projects.

Size: 290mm*200mm
Category : Kit

Packing list:

Straight handle roller*1
Blue pen holder *5
28 Grid Color Storage Box*1
Pink point drill pen 9 heads*1
B5 red packing bag*1
Pink point drill pen 6 heads*1
No. 1~50 label sticker*2
Pink point drill pen 3 heads*1
40 blank label stickers*3
Blue 3 heads glue + correction pen *1
White sharp mouth plate one medium *1
6~9 heads integrated point drill pen*1
Green point drill disc*1
Green opening plate small size *1
6mm*8mm Ziplock bag*20
Black plastic tweezers*1
Canvas clip*2
Stainless steel tweezers*1
2mm*2mm glue*12
White spoon*2
Clip pen point drill disc one blue *1

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Additional information

Weight 0,32 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Diamond painting tool


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