3cm Evil Eye For Home Decoration Glass Blue Wall Hanging, Tree Ornaments, Wedding Favors

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The 3cm Evil Eye for Home Decoration is a beautifully crafted glass ornament that can be used as a wall hanging or tree ornament. With its vibrant blue color and intricate design, it adds a touch of elegance and charm to any space. The evil eye is a symbol of protection and good luck, making it a meaningful addition to your home or wedding decor. It also makes for a unique and thoughtful wedding favor that your guests will cherish. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, or office to ward off negative energy and attract positive vibes. Measuring at 3cm, it’s the perfect size for any space and will make a great addition to any collection.

Evil eye meaning and benefits:

The evil eye is a belief that certain individuals possess the power to cause harm or bad luck to others with a single glance. The idea is rooted in various cultures and religions around the world, and the belief is that the eye can emit a negative energy that can cause misfortune, illness, or other negative effects.

To counteract the effects of the evil eye, many people wear or display objects that are believed to have protective powers, such as the blue glass evil eye. The blue color is thought to symbolize the sky and water, which are sources of life and protection, while the circular shape of the eye is believed to ward off negative energy.

The benefits of the evil eye are believed to include protection against jealousy, envy, and negative energy. It is thought to bring good luck, happiness, and prosperity to those who display it in their homes or wear it as jewelry. Additionally, some people believe that the evil eye can help to promote positive energy and dispel negative thoughts or feelings.

Item Details:
Material: Glass
Size: 3 cm

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